Art Inspires People; Unions Empower Them

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Met Union Art Workers is an organization of union employees/artists who work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These workers range from roofers to engineers, janitors to security guards and riggers to art technicians. As artists they range from novice to MFA, and self taught to PHD.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the worlds greatest art museums and we as union workers and artists take care of the buildings- the main building, cloisters and the breurer- ,as well as, protect and care for the collection 24 hrs a day seven days a week.

Every year MUAW puts together an eclectic art show that highlights the combined talents of these artists with their wide range of experience at The Met, as well as, a wide range of mediums. From photography to painting, scultpture to film/ video, and installation to performance art, including poetry and music.

An example of one of these shows is accessible above.

for information and inquiries email: mike@muaw.org